The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

26th December 2021

Had an extremely high concept dream
In point form

- spending time with family
- alien(?) invasion happens
- there's a sort of SCP style secret agency involved
- we survive but get shrunken down tiny
- join a society of bugs, rats and fish who live in this tiny society.
- minor antics happen
- I find a way to enlarge myself
- travel outside and explore the now abandoned world
- turns out other people survived and I bring some of them to the tiny society
- turns out another society formed. Basically just a fallout raider gang led by my abusive ex
- this never really resolved but it seemed to be leading up to some sort of war
- turns out that The purple guy is also real in this world
- before he can infiltrate tiny society we beat him up, stand on his neck, and cask of amontillado him in the wall beneath a hospital staircase with the names of the dead kids carved into the brick
- I wake up

- Sam

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