The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

31th December 2021

Oh yeah i had a fucked up dream?
It bounced around a lot but like, it started as a weird marble hornets sequel involving the characters getting sent cryptic messages and things only they could see and hear?
Then it took a weird bend into being about Megaman, and how the most recent game got meta by actually being the dreams of an autistic kid in a mental hospital

There was also a bit in there where I considered stealing a dude's entire shelf of fantasy games? Like WOW and TES
With there being two physical expansions for WOW being titled "Love" and "Love 2"
I remember the boxes were pink and had like, an elf on them
In the TES part there was a whole fucking geographic map and orrery

But yeah. I slept poorly and at one point my half awake/half dreaming brain told me there was a crab on my pillow so I chucked it off my bed

- Sam

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